Our Story

The passion behind Vaneli’s began more than 40 years ago when our founder began roasting gourmet coffee in Northern California. Because of his experience and enthusiasm, our custom roasted coffee is world class.

Whether you’re new to the coffee experience or you need service and accessories for your existing business, Vaneli’s has the knowledge and insight to provide the best service and premium handcrafted coffee. Unlike many other micro roasters, we take the time to sample all green beans before we purchase them—because like grapes in fine wine, coffee beans vary with every crop.

We firmly believe that the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable business lead us to not only support coffee farms that are committed to the well-being of the workers, land and water, it compels us to be a sustainable business in our community. 

Our best marketing comes from our satisfied customers and we appreciate the opportunity to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We offer a no obligation consultation to discuss your coffee, espresso or equipment needs. 

Why "Vaneli's"?

"When I roasted coffee in San Francisco, I did a lot of business in North Beach, the Italian section of San Francisco. And the Italian guys all called me Gino. And then we were all invited to restaurant openings, which we probably opened one or two restaurants a week. And they'd have the pre-party and we'd all go and drink and eat and joke. So, they started calling me Gino Vannelli [after the singer]. And the name stuck. Gino Vannelli.

I corrected people for the first year and a half at parties and stuff. I said, no, my last name is not Vannelli. And I got tired of it. I just said forget it. If you want to call me Gino Vannelli, I'm Gino Vannelli. So, I was Gino Vannelli for about 10 years in San Francisco. And I figured if I ever had to leave town in a hurry, nobody would be able to find me. And I decided during that time that one day I would put that name on a business. So, when we opened the next roasting plant, that's what we called it. Vaneli's." 

— Gene Lemos, President/CEO